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Founded in 1989, Irish Education Partners is a provider of educational programs inbound to and outbound from Ireland. We work with European Union financed Mobility Programs to and from Ireland; also we work with national and regional governments, international universities, colleges and agents to provide innovative programmes in Ireland as a full service provider (internships, accommodation, transport, English Language courses etc.).

Since 2012 we have secured European Union funding for 5 programmes sending Irish Residents abroad; the three latest being Erasmus Plus funded programs.

We have various Inbound Programs including Internships across nearly any sector, Cultural Immersion Programmes, Entrepreneur Programmes, Junior Programmes, Personal Branding Programmes, among others.

  • The Boss One

    Why are you called The Boss One? Quite simply, Debbie is the boss! In both title and personality. She is our leader, our William Wallace, our Che Guevara our beacon of light that guides us to the future. Best Tip: Don't believe your own hype.

  • The Connected One

    Why are you called the Connected One? Because Debbie knows everyone. Name a person. Guess what? That's right, Debbie knows them. Debbie is her name and networking is her game. Best Tip: Networking in the pub is the best kind of networking.

  • The Sophisticated One

    Why are you called the Sophisticated One? Perhaps it is because Noel is articulate and has a passion for history, that he is cultured. Or perhaps he is known as the sophisticated one because the rest of us are anything but. Best Tip: Zone out while the rest of the office have conversations.

  • The Fabulous One

    Why are you called the fabulous one? Because the name she originally wanted was too rude to be broadcast over the internet. But she is absolutely fabulous in every way and our Homestay Guru. Best Tip: If you want to thank me, my drink is Budweiser.

  • The Techie One

    Why are you called the Techie one? Part of his job is troubleshooting any issues Team IEP may experience. After working in broadcasting Mark is well versed in technology and has a general knack for getting things fixed. Best tip: Turn it off and then back on again.

  • The All-In-One

    Why are you called the All-In-One? The all-in-one means that he has the best qualities of everyone in Team IEP. Modest, isn't he? Best Tip: The all-in-one sounds like a meal in a Chinese takeaway.

  • The Sporty One

    Why are you called the Sporty One? Carmel does two things. She is either taking care of students in IEP or she is taking care of players in one of her roles in youth basketball. Best Tip: Don't try to explain to Sam anything about any sport. She just doesn't get it.

  • The Helpful One

    Why are you called the helpful one? Otherwise known as the Fixer. Raymond the Helpful, can he fix it? Raymond the Helpful, yes he can. Best Tip: Sing Raymond the Helpful to the tune of Bob the Builder.

  • The Muscley One

    Why are you called the Muscley One? Because I'm built like a Greek God. But its actually because the guy who wrote this couldn't think of anything better. Best Tip: Don't let other people write your online work profile.

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Our offices are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Feel free to pop in to us anytime. You can send us a message via our contact form and our team will be in touch!
Irish Education Partners
Carmody House, Deverell Place
Dublin, D01 C927.

Telephone: +353 1 549 9561
E-mail: info@iepartners.ie

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